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Customers worldwide trust Rehoboth to provide top-quality products. We have established trust with importers and distributors around the world. Our products are rigorously inspected for quality and exported according to international regulations. Our Canadian grown crops especially pinto beans, and wheat are in high demand.

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Top Quality Beans and Grains

International exports of beans and grains are a critical part of what we do. We source top-quality crops including wheat grain and pinto beans.

Some of our agricultural products are

rehoboth pinto beans

Pinto Beans

rehoboth wheat grain


rehoboth flour


rehoboth corn


rehoboth oils



rehoboth hardware

We export various goods such as household items, electronic devices, machinery, and other goods to distributors across the globe. Our exporting expertise enables us to source and supply the products you require.

Get  us involved in your next exporting project

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